Final Social media post

During the 8 weeks that I worked on developing my personal brand, I had a lot of eye opening g experiences. Although I've always known that I am talented, I'd never really developed it into a brand. When I first chose social media marketing class as my electives class, I did so because I'm pretty familiar with the major social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Little did I realize  then, that I would develop my own personal brand, and develop it into a business. I often share my work with my friends and they agree that I could have a very profitable business.

I look forward to continuing to use my knowledge of social media to promote my business; and also to learn more about advertising using social media. The internet offers endless opportunity to grow a business and gain new customers,  but you need to do it right. I know that I will continue to learn more throughout life. This is not the end of my social media venture, It was merely an introduction. What started off as just taking a class, turned into the beginning of my future. Thank you to my classmates and instructor!

September 20, 2015

Linked in is a highly valuable asset for use in social media to network with other business professionals. I use my LinkedIn account to network with other groups in my industry, to help follow trends, and to learn tricks of the trade. If I have a question, others in my professional community on social sites such as linked in can help. 

I built my profile on LinkedIn  to depict my personal brand which is myself. I included some work history and experience, as well as areas of interest. I built my profile to reflect my past accomplishments as well as future persiuts. I made a link on my LinkedIn profile to link it with this bold post also. The groups that I have requested to join, and the connections that I have on there are business professionals that are in my industry and fit my brand strategy.

I can use LinkedIn in the future to promote my brand. I can use it to aquire new customers by using my network to provide word of mouth advertising! I know that through the use of pictures and videos, my work speaks for itself. I think that Linked in and other social media platforms will allow me to expand my business in many different directions. I will update my blog when this happens.

I found a vloger called "vintagious" that posts do it yourself vlogs to you tube. She has a video called "DIY HIGHLIGHTS with a CAP at Home" She explains step by step how she highlights her own hair at home using a cap. Her videos were easy to find, but some of her methods for filming have flaws, such as lighting. If you are trying to show you audience how something turns out, you have to make sure that you can accurately present the finished product. 

Her vlog relates to mine, because I also show my audience that they can do these projects by theirselves. A lot of time people spend unnecessary money on fixing things or fixing up things, and they can save a ton if they do it theirselves. I chose YouTube as a platform because of the ease of use. I am familiar with youtube, and I've used it before when I was in a speech class. If anyone would like tips or tricks to uploading a youtube video, just comment. Here is a link to vintagious in DIY HIGHLIGHTS.

Hi, my name is Tasha Taylor. We have all heard of a handy man, well I am just the opposite, a handy woman with a flare for design. Many times I see old things, run down houses, or just plain old broken things; but, I see potential in these things. I like to fix things, repurpose things, and make them useful and beautiful again. My blog will show you some of my works in progress, some how-tos, and some tips and tricks to DIY. I hope you enjoy, and thanks for visiting my blog (:

Broken garage windows. What should you do? Stay tuned for a step by step tutorial on how to fix this problem-DIY!

Kind regards

Tasha Taylor

How to create a simple bathroom decoration using only a basket, fresh flowers, and bath towels.

September 9, 2015

Anyone could potentially be my followers or friends. My blog can appeal to any age group, and my topics are things that are relevant to everyone almost. Though this class, I have free exposure, and a given audience. Reading my classmates post gives me new ideas and new insight into what my audiences desire to hear about. Word of mouth advertising is almost instant with the use of social media and the internet. In order to have a sucessful blog site, you must create something worth talking about.

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